Thursday, October 23, 2014

every human must watch this video

When u are hopeless- see it. 17,941,515 Crores of people. It is not a waste of time to view this video. Less than ten minutes in life is exciting to know the most challenging people around the world. How they faced their own limitations. Hope and life.

When u are hopeless- see it.

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Devil's Pool Victoria Falls

Neelakuyil_1954 Malayalam, Neelakuyil (The Blue Cuckoo) is an Indian film made ​​in Kerala (Malayalam Film) in 1954. It was a milestone in the history of Malayalam Cinema, opening a new way to break with the earlier tradition of copying films Cinema Tamil or Hindi cinema who had not the story and characters could be identified with the culture of Kerala. Neelakuyi is a realistic film directed by P. Bhaskaran together with Kariat Ramu. It is a melodrama and was based on a story written by Uroob. Neelakuyil tells the story of the love affair of a Dalit girl and a professor of high caste. The film had conversations with local accent and talks about social evils like untouchability, feudalism, and injustice to women. He won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam, becoming the first Malayalam film nationally recognized. Most of its shooting was done outdoors and it captured images of the rural, agrarian Kerala, its vast paddy fields, the life of the peasants and the feudal society. Cast: Sathyan: Sreedharan Nair Miss Kumari: Neeli Prema: Nalini Master Vipin (Vipin Mohan): Mohan P. Bhaskaran: Shankaran Nair, (the postmaster) Ramankutty Menon: feudal lord Paravoor Bharathan

Kayalarikathu Valayerinjappol.. - Neelakuyil(1954)Superhit song from the National Award-winning Malayalam classic film Neelakuyil (1954). Neelakuyil was written by renowned writer Uroob and directed by Ramu Kariat and P. Bhaskaran. The film starred Sathyan, Miss Kumari and P. Bhaskaran. The film's songs were written by P. Bhaskaran and composed by K. Raghavan. K. Raghavan himself is the singer of this song.