Friday, October 28, 2011

On 7/01/2000 Sunday Meeting of Network Twentyone. (Wrote) 10.30 AM

   1. Computer.

   2. Car

                                                                     1. Swimming.

                                                         2. Watching Educational Movies.

                                                                3. Educate the children.

        I. California(USA)    Meet Jim and Nancy Doarnan. - Crown Ambassadors of Amway Corporation.

       II  U.S.A. Future Life.

                                            I. Helping Phys-Handicapped children.

                                                             I Great Speaker.
                                                            II. Leader.

                                                           III Better Father.

This is the perfect day.  Having Lunch with            and other things.

(The speaker asked all the people in the meeting/Network Twentyone Meeting  to write those things in a piece of paper)   07/01/2000 Sunday 10.30 AM)

Amazing Facts About Your Body.

Amazing Facts About Your Body:-

Information was got from the Medical College Manipal, Karnataka State. During the check of Sri. Ramdas Mash at Manipal Medical College I was also accompanied with the travel. We both were working as Teachers in Government Girls High School, Cherukunnu, Kannur Dist. (1992-1995)

a) If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 ton.

b)On its way from the heart, blood courses through the arterial network to bring oxygen to cells throughout the    body.

c) In the average adult, blood makes more than 1000 complete circuits every day.

d) Your body produces one billion red blood cells every day.

e)Some capillaries - the tiniest tributaries in the circulatory system are so small that blood cells must move    through one at a time, single file.

f) When we look at something, the image of the object is reflected on the eye's retina upside down (reversed) scientists still don't know how the brain "develops" the picture so that we see the object correctly.

g) Every pound of excess fat you carry require an extra 200 miles of capillaries to nourish it.

h) There are more than 10 billion neurons in the human brain.

i) Your brain contains a built-in-clock synchronized with the night-or-day cycle.

j)The Human brain cannot feel pain - yet it can tell you within micro seconds when you are hurt.

                                       Also Other information:-

                                       1) Up-to 5 million Hairs.

                                       2) 20 sq.ft. of skin


                                       4) 650 muscles.

                                       5) 206 Bones

                                       6) 100 joints.

                                       7) About 13,000 Million Nerve Cells.

                                       8) About 8 pints of Blood.

                                       9) 95% of water by Volume.

                                    10) 60% of its weight its water.

                                    11) Fat enough for 7 cakes of Soap.

                                    12) Enough lime to white wash a small house.

                                    13) Carbon Equivalent to 28 lbs (Bag of coke)

                                    14) Enough phosphorous to make 2,200 matches.

                                    15) Iron equivalent to one inch Nail.

                                    16) One spoon of Sulphur.

                                    17) An ounce of various other Metals.

                                    18) Small intestine 6.5 Mts.

                                    19) Large intestine 1.5 Mts

                                          Total 8.0 Mts.   

"The Able Man" wrote this piece of information on 19/3/1994

The able man is one who is able to decide rightly and promptly on the proper course of action in Matters Demanding immediate Attention.

This information was written in the paper while attending a school for the SSLC Examination duty of March 1994.  I was working as HSA Maths in GGHS Cherukunnu, Kannur District in the same period.  I think the SSLC duty is at GBHS Cherukunnu, Kannur District.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Courage Conquers And Boldness Pays

Dear Friend,

You must have the courage to remain original, face odds and take reasonable and calculated risks to win success and stay in the lead.  If you play safe, remain cautious all the time and follow the beaten path, you cannot expect to become the leader and torch-bearer.  But being wise from the mistakes of yours and others, you can minimise the chances of making mistakes. Thus an enterprising and intelligent individual is able to take bold and decisive action based on good judgement drawn from hard experience.  To err is human and we may at times commit  mistakes and suffer setbacks.  But a wise and positive individual learns and benefits, not only from his own mistakes, but also from those of others.  With this objective in view, we have now started a new series "Facing The Interview Board (Wrong Approach) so that you may avoid he mistakes committed by others.  As you are aware, we have already a regular feature.  "My Biggest Mistake" whereby IAS Toppers pinpoint their mistakes.

Be bold and courageous.  Face the situation, however difficult, with courage, conviction and boldness and you are bound to succeed.  Remember courage conquers, boldness pays and timidity fails.

Learning from the lives of great men, past and present, it is clear that by investing in people, you are enhancing the chances of your success million-fold. You must avail of every opportunity to know more people and also more about the people you know.  May be majority of the people whom you befriend today may not be distinguished, great or extraordinary.  But the law of averages tells us that quite a few, who were unknown about 20 or 25 years ago, have today risen to powerful positions in business, government, fine arts, science or education.  It increases our power to accomplish things if we know someone who can give us a helping hand at the right time or sort out a difficult problem confronting us.

Friendship is not a one-way traffic.  It is give and take.  You must instantly rush to the aid of your friend when the need arises.  A friend in need is a friend indeed.  What you have, you should be ready to share with your friend, according to his need. Be a friend when people need you most.  Be in touch with your friends and keep up your contacts.  When your friend is in trouble or is facing adversity, he would need greater attention which you should positively extend.  Helping people may not guarantee that they reciprocate and respond in kind.  Nine out of ten may not, but that remaining one will more than make up for others.

The recent US Presidential visit to India is a step towards commenting friendship between the two most powerful and most populous democracies of the world, on the principle of give and take.  While USA is the single largest investor in Foreign Direct Investment in India and its largest trading partner, there are about 750 Indian-American enterprises in American Software industry where 15-20 percent engineers are ethnic Indians.  The "Vision Statement" signed by President Clinton and Prime Minister Vajpayee lays the firm foundation of continued cooperation between the two countries.  So let us also have similar informal understanding with others for our mutual benefit. 

Competition Success Review also helps you to benefit from the experiences of others.

Extending you the hand of friendship and helping you to succeed.

Padmashree for Aiswarya Rai by President of India II Picture