Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Photo Taken after completing B.Sc. Maths Degree.

This photo was taken by Marthandam Chandrika Studio, for sending applications for jobs after completing B.Sc. Maths 1975.     It was enlarged by Mahin Studio, Near Govt Hospital, Marthandam by my sister L. Ganga Devi along with my brother's and sister's  photos to put on the walls of our Unnamalaikadai Home. Those who visited our home can reveal the three photos of us along with other photos on the wall in the slide posture.  I can remember the wall and the old photos still now.
Presently no wall or home is existing in the universe. Before 2011 it smashed by rain and sun rays are now clearly fall on the ground of the earth in which our home situate.  In future I may add the video of the present condition of our age old home's posture.  It is the land of our birth place.
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Photo taken while studying in the B.Sc. Degree Course.

I started my habit of growing hair and beard while I was studying in the 
Christian College, Marthandam.  The photo was taken by the Studio situated Near our College, Chandrika Studio, Marthandam.  The staff of the studio (photographer) was one of my best friend.  Repeated copying of  the passport size photo for the entire use of sending application for :Bank Tests, Railway Service Commission, Clerical Tests for the Government Services, UPSC Examinations, Technical Examination like Typewriting Lower and Higher, etc.
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