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The World's Top 10 Most Dangerous Cobra Snakes.

Published on Sep 4, 2012
The World's Top 10 Most Dangerous Cobra Snakes
10. Cape Cobra Snakes Cape Cobra snakes are almost one and a half meter long and considered to be one of the most dangerous venomous snakes of Africa. It is only found in the south west region of Africa but this includes the heavily populated country of South Africa and human encounters all too common. Every year in South Africa, it kills more people than any other snake. Its skin color enables him to disappear easily in the landscape.
9. Central Asian Cobra snakes
Central Asian Cobra is also known as Caspian or Oxus Cobra and is considered to be one of the most dangerous species in terms of its venom. The Central Asian can reach up to 1.8 or sometimes 1.9 meters in length and mostly found in Pakistan and Northern India.
8. Black Necked Spitting Cobra Snakes
Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes are counted as one of the most surprisingly dangerous snakes because their basic way of attacking is quite different as compared to other snakes. Apart from injecting venom by biting likes other ones, the Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes have the ability to through their poisonous venom as far as 3 meters from their standing position.
7. Monocled Cobra Snakes
Monocled Cobra snakes are widely spread all over the Central and southern Asia. The toxic level of its venom is very high. A single bite of this venomous snake can lead you to your death in a very short time. The length of fully grown adults can exceed 2 meters! Although these are most dangerous kinds of cobra snakes, they are mostly found on those places where rats, frogs or other small and medium sized rodents live because they are basically their main source of food.
6. Mozambique Spitting Cobra Snakes
Mozambique Spitting Cobra snakes spit out their venom at their foes before they bite. That's right, just like Black Necked Spitting Cobra snakes, these snakes also have the ability to spit their venom quite long enough to warm their attackers to stay away from them otherwise they will be responsible for the consequences which would surely occur.
5. Egyptian Cobra Snakes
Egyptian Cobra snakes are relatively common and are of profound religious significance. The Egyptian Cobra delivers a venomous bite which targets the nervous system, effectively shutting down the nerves impulses and causing muscle paralysis and ultimately respiratory failure.
4. Forest Cobra Snakes
Forest Cobra snakes are also called as the Black or White lipped Cobra. Forest Cobra snakes are deadly snakes and are extremely dangerous. They are mostly found in the jungles and forests of Africa. It is considered to be the largest Cobra species found in Africa and along with being Large, it's also one of the most venomous Cobra snakes species all over the world.
3. Ring Necked Spitting Cobra Snakes
Ring Necked Spitting Cobra snakes are also known as Rinkhals and currently this species of Cobra snakes is considered to be the most dangerous spitting snakes in Africa. Along with being counted in the listof the most dangerous spitting Cobra snakes, Ring Necked Spitting Cobra is also a very good actor and can pretend to be dead so that its hunt should come to it itself!
2. Indian Cobra Snakes
Indian Cobra snakes are also called as spectacled cobra and it is one of the most feared animal in Indian subcontinent. Mostly they rely on rodents for the purpose of their food and normally are found in jungles but for the search of their food they often come in contact with the humans. Indian Cobra snakes are mostly found in their little bamboo patch near or far away from civilizations. Most of the times, it has been noticed that Indian Cobras are not much aggressive as compared to other Cobra snakes present on the list.
1. King Cobra Snakes
Apart from its name, in reality it's also considered the king of all Cobra snakes present in the world, this is also one of the reasons it's called King Cobra. The largest cobra snake of the world is King Cobra which can grow up to more than 18 feet and because of this length, they are also known as giant snakes.

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