Tuesday, September 15, 2015

5 Things Kids Teach Parents

It’s 5 Things Kids Teach Parents - Parentingoften said, ‘A child gives birth to a mother.’ How true! The thought does leave you pondering, doesn’t it? Motherhood is an amazing journey where we teach our children how to talk, walk, etc., and get many life lessons in exchange. As parents, we have great responsibility to impart right value to our kids, but in the process, they teach us skills we need to master.
So, are you raising a child? Bravo! Bringing up a child is no cakewalk. There are times when your kid brings out the best and the worst in you. Fret not! Take a deep breath. Whether it’s your little one refusing to sleep at midnight, or your little princess demanding her favourite story to be read one more time, there’s no escaping! You may actually want to run away from a situation, or break your head against the wall. However you can’t actually do it. Keep your cool, and master the art of being patient.
Remember you’re the parent and your child is actually learning how to behave from you. For kids, repetition means mastery. So, bring back that smile and say ‘Come on, let’s do it again.’ Kids will make mistakes, be demanding, and try your patience. Be prepared to handle their tantrums, and unjustified demands gently yet firmly. Trust us, this too shall pass.
2) Self-Control
Did your little champion dropped your smart phone again, or spilled milk just when he/she was ready for school? Hold on, damage is done. Shouting at him/her won’t help. Understand that kids are kids. Their fine motor skills are still developing. They may lose grip and that’s why they have you at every step.
“Parents today are more aware and know that kids make mistakes because they’re learning to deal with the complex things surrounding them. They’re not as able as adults yet,” says Nisha G, a Mumbai-based preparatory school teacher. So next time your child breaks or drops something, instead of letting all hell break loose, control your anger, and offer him/her help and explanation. Encourage him/her to not only practice but also value things in life.
3) Discipline and Consistency
Your child teaches you to be consistent. He/she can remind you about the last time you allowed him/her to have a chocolate at midnight, and that you’re now being unreasonable! If you want to discipline your child, be disciplined yourself. Set a good example. Children model on their parents’ behaviour. So in a way they teach parents to be disciplined in life. My child has repeatedly taught me to say no to junk, greet people with a smile, and turn off all electronics at 10 pm sharp.
When you try to teach your little one something, make sure you follow it. So parents, no telling lies, no loud TV, keep your promise, and better finish all the food in your plate! Discipline makes children feel safe and secure, and makes parents less worried.
4) Forgiveness and unconditional love
How many times have you missed to keep a promise, or have been mad at your child and still he/she loves you the most? Kids teach us acts of kindness and forgiveness. So if you want your child to overlook your mood swings, forgetfulness, and absenteeism, learn to forgive him/her for the same. Practice these virtues if you want him/her to be kind-hearted, compassionate, and loving.
5) Technology
Kids today are far more equipped and inclined to adapt to changing technology and advanced gadgets. Most parents will find their children are at least one step ahead of them. So whether it’s editing a photo on your smart phone, or downloading the shopping app, your child can teach you how to handle the advanced technology better. Pat his/her back. Tell your kid that he/she is your go-to person for help in gizmos. Let him/her be proud of the skill!
What are the things your child has taught you? Share your experiences and learning in the ‘Comments’ section.

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