Thursday, September 10, 2015

SINDHU BHAIRAVI | Tamil Film | Full Movie | Sivakumar | Suhasini | Sulak...

Watch Sindhu Bhairavi starring Sivakumar, Delhi Ganesh and Suhasini released in the year 1985 by K. Balachander. Sindhu Bhairavi is a Tamil classic movie.
Sindhu Bhairavi - K. Balachander's 'Sindhu Bhairavi' is a musical film revolving around the lives of three people - Sindu ,Bhairavi, and J.K. Balaganapathy. Popularly known in his music circle as JKB (Sivakumar) is a famous carnatic singer, and is married to Bhairavi (Sulakshana). He enjoys great respect in his social circle. Interestingly, Bhairavi has no ear for music. He meets Sindhu (Suhasini), an orphaned girl who is a music lover and his ardent fan too. A platonic relationship develops between the two, and ends in an affair. Sindhu gets pregnant and unwilling to defame JKB and his family, she disappears. Unable to bear the separation, JKB turns alcoholic, and soon his life takes a downswing until his wife, Bhairavi, takes charge and decides to set things right. She brings back Sindu, and tries to get them married. But Sindhu in a final masterstroke does something that defines true love.

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