Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ani T Nair with Mom, little other photos also added.




After SSLC gone to College Study in the Christian College Marthandam in the year 1970. The college Hand Book is pasted here with the Passport Size Photo of jagadish jagadishchandran and the signature of the Principal is also affixed on the photo. Date of issue of the Identity Card is also 27th August 1970. You just see the card was issued before 44 years back.

Often I will go through the members in the photo. Inspiration will be there to see the old classmates through the photo. Also the teaching subjects for the different subjects by the professors will come to the mind while we view the photo of the legends of those days. God's grace we can't get in touch with the entire members in the life.

Nick Vujicic
n friend, it's not the end. Something beautiful will come, the clouds will part for the sun, the skies will break for the Son, and the Father will say "Well done". But until then, until then, you're not alone, He can make bread from stone. Hold on to Him, and He'll hold on to you. Take one day at a time, pray for faith and be kind, and when forgetful becomes your mind, remember what He said, "You are mine." - Nick Vujicic

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