Monday, June 27, 2016

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Working for the benefits of future generation in the universe. Victim of the Pesticide ENDOSULPHAN, used by the Plantation Corporation of Kerala in the Kasargod District of Mulleria Government High School - worked as Mathematics High School Teacher in my life as a first Government Employee in the High School Section wef 20.01.1989. (Along with my newly wedded life partner G.C Kumari Meena 01/05/1965 - 04/04/2006) Before that worked as Primary Department Teacher wef 31st August, 1987 in the Upper Primary School, Cheecode, Malappuram District till 19th January 1989. Relieved from there to join as High School Assistant in the Govt HS Mulleria, Kasargod Dist wef 20th January 1988 FN. Due to the areal spraying of the harmful pesticide ENDOSULPHAN in the Plantation Corporation of Kerala made my better-half to die due to the Metastatic Adeno Carcinoma in the Gall Bladder. ( DOD 04/04/2006). Also already HYDROCEPHALUS shattered the life of my own girl child MEENU, K 19 yrs is a bed patient with 8 or 9 life problems of medical disabilities.

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