Friday, July 22, 2016

Idhuku per enna theriyuma? #StandWithPiyush PAGE 1

Idhuku per enna theriyuma? #StandWithPiyush             


Roy Jas Team CM, please please lets start some kind of awareness and support to our hero Piyush, I hope you already started the initiative to support him.. but we need some mass crowd support. let me begin this #ISupportPiyush. if you wanted to arrange any rally kind of stuff, lets do it.
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Chennai Memes Will let you know bro
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Lulia S Is it possible to bring this to notice of officials can really take actions?
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Chennai Memes “The Superintendent threatened me not to disclose to anyone what happened inside the premises. But video recordings of surveillance cameras will reveal everything,” he said #DextleR
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Arjun KR Those police who had harassed & beaten Piyush are entered by bribing, sack them and if possible create an encounter on them for stopping the society of Salem to get cleaned and become environmental friendly.
Those cops should be interrogated by CBI and find who and all are involved in this. Definitely politicians (alias business man ) should have been involved, just take over their assets and wealth for environment welfare. It will not happen in 2016 because we still have no pain, let all the environment resources be robbed,stolen and sold out.

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Jaya Chandran No words to say.My Heart is braking to see this. I feel very bad on the TN Police / Superintendent activities. I don't know we in democratic country or King ruled country ?
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Ganesh Kumar Porambokku government nadakuthu Tamilnadu la
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Angel Mary Barron They don't deserve to wear that uniform anymore
No more respect 👿

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Marjorie Rohini Do we have freedom of expression in this country or not.when did it become a dictatorship?
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Salman Sadhr Should start a big buzz across India.all should know this cruelty happening in TN.
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G.T. Sundar These tweets suggest that Piyush can go overboard on certain sensitive issues which may not necessarily be his concern.He himself has admitted that he acted in a rush in trying to stop the JCB. Anyway the attack on him makes one sad.
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Prabhu Raj Tamilnadu police echa#standwithpiyush
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Sam Gabriel This is curse of tamilnadu...
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Thanigaimalai Kuppusamy பொது சேவையை. செய்தால் மன நோயாளியாக ஆக்கி விடுவார்கள்
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Deepa Krishnanand Arrange for rally....this should change...
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Santhosh Kumar We support piyush
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Venkat Churchy I want to do anything to teach the stupids...anniyan ah agidava
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Philip Joseph Very sad.
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Saravana Chandra Kumar What's next step
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Manoj Kumar எச்ச
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