Monday, July 11, 2016

RJ Poorani Entertainer about Ramkumar.

An average Ramkumar is born in a modest suburban town in the interiors of TN. An average Ramkumar goes to a boys school that segues into a co-ed college, but with severe "boys-girls-no-talk" restrictions. The average Ramkumar hasn't spoken to girls, doesn't understand the aspirations and ambitions of a modern urban bred girl. That averageRamkumar has grown up watching films where an uneducated hero woos a fair skinned, educated, urban woman by relentless stalking and pestering and he comes to believe he certainly stands a chance. The average Ramkumar is brought up in a highly patriarchal and misogynistic society, where the status of a woman is a notch below that of men and the women are brought up only to be married off. Also the averageRamkumar listens to post breakup songs like "Adi da Avala, Odha da Avala" and "Indha pombalaiga ippadi dhan purinjupochu da". To the average Ramkumar, a "no" coming from the girl, infuriates him to no end. An average Ramkumar isn't a serial killer, he is no terror threat, but he's just a by product of this fucked up society. And mind you, there are scores of such Ramkumars dotting the country. Would the jails hold them all? Should we build more prisons? Or do we build a better, free thinking, educated society? (a forwarded one ) let's talk about this guys !! So you think that this is right ? Good morning

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