Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The part of the letter dated 30/06/2013 from the lady Mrs. Mary Lloyd. And all other fake relevant records they send to me on 2013/06/30 Again published on 21/07/2016 after 3 years.

The part of the letter dated 30/06/2013 from the lady Mrs. 
Mary Lloyd.
I am Mrs. Mary Lloyd, A window to Late Richmond Lloyd. I am 57 years old, suffering from long time cancer of the breast. From all indications, my condition is reallly deteriorating and is quite obvious that I may not live more than two months according to my doctor, because the stage at which my cancer is (Level 3), it is so critical and also to a very severe stage. My personal physician told me that I may not live for more than 2 months and I am scared about it. ..........
After much thought, I now decide to give all of my wealth, by contributing to the development of the motherless baby homes, less privileges, needy, poor, charity homes, widows and Cancer patient too in your country and I just want you to forget about the distance between me and you as I don't see that as a barrier. The said sum is a total of Five Million United State Dollars($ 5,000,000.00) and I want you to stand as the beneficiary of the said fund with the help of my attorney and get the fund acrosss to you. I want you to note that you will have 10% of the total money for your effort and please use the rest to reach out to the less privilege, widows and the needy in your own capacity.
Hope I can trust you on this as I really need you to use the funds to help the poor which is very essential and also the widow and cancer patient like me.........
Lastly i want you to know that the money is safe with a bank in London United Kingdom and the manager is aware and is willing to help facilitate the release of the funds. You will be contacting them directly with the help of my attorney as soon as we finalize and get to know each other. Feel free to ask me any question. I wait to hear from you. Regards Mrs. Mary dated ON Sunday 30/06/2013.

Authorization Clearance Certificate from COMMON WEALTH SECRETARIAT Dt. 11/07/2013.

High Court ENGLAND'S Affidavit.

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