Friday, September 2, 2011


I, C. Jagadish Chandran, 57 years old is creating my blog with the infrastructure of my school and college photos on 2/01/2011 Sunday.  In the creation of my blog I felt so many hazards to paste the photo of mine
in the appropriate places.

Again again I tried my level best to do it myself for the life of jagadish chandran (lifeofjagadishchandran) is
the best name chosen by me for my blog.  Spontaneously it came to my mind.  The life of mine is a special one.  It is a vivid one with the sufferings of good and bad.  Life is also a mixed one with sorrows and happiness.

          Nothing , worthwhile was ever accomplished without the will to start, the enthusiasm to continue, and the persistence to complete.

          There is not a single person in this word who can make us think negatively, unless we allow him to. 
  • We control our thinking.  If someone else influences us to think negatively, it only shows that we have given him permissions to make us think that  way.  Our bosses, parents, children, spouses, friends, enemies, coworkers, and anyone else can program us to think negatively only if we allow them to.

          A WINNER worries, but not very much.  He knows that worry is a counter- productive emotion.


  1. Mama... Its a gud start...
    Have emailed u d photos plz check

  2. sir, your life history is encouraging.