Friday, September 16, 2011

I got a new lesson/experiences in carelessness of a Doctor.

Yesterday 15th Sept.2011 gone to KIMS Hospital to visit and help a patient (Smt.Bavani 64 yrs) who is a distant relative of me from Kanyakumari District called Verkilamby near Azhakiamandapom. When I was entering the ward in the 8th floor I saw a lady patient from the same surgical ward who is moving towards the toilet. I viewed the right hand of the lady is covered with white plaster without palm and fingers. The short span of time tempted to know the critical condition and the route cause of removing the right palm. After inquiring about the condition of my relative I moved towards the bed of the lady who was lying in the bed. The husband explained the cause of removing the palm. In one of a private hospital they gone for the treatment for falling down in the home. The hospital authorities compelled them to admit and said there is fracture in the arm. At the same time there is a little blood stains (a small wound) in the palm. They neglected the wound and put and covered the whole right hand with hard plaster.The lady is a chronic sugar patient. Within 2 or 3 days the right palm became black in color and heavy pain started without any break. Also big swelling in the fingers which exposed to the sight. Heavy pain compelled the lady to wake up day and night. In short the right hand side below the middle joint became dead. The private hospital authorities simply said to move towards any of the expert hospitals after removing the plaster. Thus the patient got discharge and gone to KIMS Hospital at Trivandrum. The doctors of KIMS asked to wait for a little time and days before removing the whole part below the joint. Within 3 or 4 days the Doctors of the new hospital found there is a progress in the lower arm except palm and fingers. They found that there is recovery stage and progress of the certain areas. Thus they removed after postponing three days operation came to the conclusion only operate and remove the least parts called palm and fingers. Any way the lady's right hand is amputated. The slippery from the sides of doctors of previous hospital (first treatment) can't be tolerable. What we should learn from this incident, we have to move towards an expert hospital or doctor or physician for a silly or small sickness. Other wise there is no guarantee for our whole life from the devils.

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