Friday, September 2, 2011

Education:- First Step in the Ladder.

              Studied in the !st Standard at the age of five in the neighboring school called Govt UP school, Unnamalakkadai only a stones through distance from the residence.   In the year 1961 father got a promotion with transfer to Eraniel School as a Malayalam Pandit in the High School Section.  So I and my one year younger sister education started with the Kottaram School, Eraniel.  That is the primary education is far away from the rented house of  Eraniel High School.  We both of us (I and sister) had to walk 3 km one sides of distance from the residence to the school.  Along with the noon meal we both will start from our residence to the School every day.  I remember one of my neighbor had a dispensary in the middle of the way to school.  We will often visit the doctor often when we are leaving from the school in the evening.  I cannot forget the dispensary and its owner till this day.  Have an attachment like a loveable person in life.

              In the evening father will wait by the side of the road to receive us with the load of books in bags.  Also the experience of sitting in the cement floor and studying is a unforgettable things.  In noon we both will go to a teachers residence to eat our meals which was carried by us in the tiff-in carriers.  One  day we were all advised to go and sit and eat at the neighboring home because of the teachers relatives got the sickness chicken pox.  I think one or two weeks we all went to he neighboring home for our noon meal program-me.  In the interval class mates of us will go to the neighboring channel to chit chant and wash our hands and faces with that water.  In my memory I still remember the heavy  flow of water with heavy sound of flowing.  Often it inspire me, I don't know the genuine reason for that.

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