Friday, September 9, 2011

Reading habits inspire always in my life.

              Before saying about the Reading Habits, I am explaining the Long Periods habit formation in my life

               While I write or competing with the jobs and job seeking I have the habit of buying COMPETITION SUCCESS REVIEW.  The rate of monthly is Rs.5/- in the early years. Now present cost price is Rs.60/-.  Every month I will go and buy a copy of the monthly and read the Editorial Sheet immediately in front of shop.  After finishing the editorial message by Sri. Surendra Kumar Sachdeva I move from the spot after paying the cost of the magazine.

                 One month boosting will be got from the passage.  Next month boosting will be expected by next month magazine.  Here I am typing the inspirational  words of the editor for ready reference.  All of us can get the touching words to fly high in the young age who are very eager to get a JOB.

The Magazine having 164 Pages For Rs. 21/- Mega Bumper August 1997 Issue. CSR.

Fortune Favours The Brave.___________________The passage is continuing

Dear Friend,

Be bold, remain brave and reveal courage and guts. Be energetic and enthusiastic.  Display courage and confidence. Prove enterprising.  Seek opportunities and accept responsibilities.  Select a challenging and worthy goal and keep your attention concentrated on that single objective.  Have faith, repose confidence and begin the work here and now.  Chart your route, mobilize your resources, get going and keep going. and do not stop, come what may, till the goal is reached.  Be certain that each day you cover some ground, advance some distance and make some progress.  Never mind If your progress is slow, but ensure it remains steady.  You are bound to face obstacles en route to success, but with courage and perseverance, you can master them.

To win you have to be optimistic.To attract others, you have to be cheerful and enthusiastic.  To succeed, you need cooperation and acceptance.  Optimism keeps your hopes alive.  It makes you think positively.  Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.  If you are willing and keen, if you display courage and dash, and if you also show patience and perseverance, you will invariably win.


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