Friday, September 2, 2011

Again I am continuing.....

               I can remember the name of the boy who had long hair is KONDAI SWAMI.  His father was an employ.  I can reveal that he had a small motor cycle in small size.  Always going on strike for riding.  In my ears I can hear the special  noise of it when it is put on repairing in front of the house.  Mean time I remember a Life Insurance Employee called Namboodiri a tall and stout fellow moving with a Motor cycle called Royal Enfield.  The special noise is same as it now - no changes in the bike noises.  I am very crazy to look, use and ride in the motor cycles at the early age of that time.  I asked my father to buy a toy of that when it was exhibited in a shop where we gone for a shopping. I eagerly cried a lot and put a strike in front of the shop.  No use father doesn't care about the thirsty request and desire behind my mind.  I am remembering the row of colorful toys especially motor cycles with cyclists in a glass covered cabin in the shop of Eraniel Town.

                Why I wrote the lengthy paragraph.  It gives very strong advices to the parents of present generation that a thirsty desire of children should be carefully fulfilled immediately.  Why?  The thirsty desire of my mind  is only fulfilled after completing my B.Sc. Degree ie. completing 21 years of  age.  One of my best friend's brother gave a training in the Royal Enfield Motor Cycle.  Within a short span of time (one or two days) I learned how to ride a motor cycle of the huge size called Royal Enfield.  Also applied for the learning license through the agent in the PPM Office of Petrol Pump in Marthandam near my college.

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