Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Again coming back to the life.......

After writing the inspiration topic which is very essential for the coming generation and can't be neglected.  I used to wrote about the computer.  Now we are going to the old life.

Still I am having the habit of reading the monthly Competition Success Review and filling new ideas in my heart with all positive energy.  No for youth "Competition Success Review plays a very important role in increasing the awareness about various career options to the youth".  When I got my first Government Service in Teaching Field, it was like a 'dream come true' especially for my parents who always stood by me all through the ups and downs. The CSR is a magazine which has many useful features -- Essays, Group Discussion, Current Affairs, etc. liked by many. I found the "Interview with Toppers" ie. IAS Civil Service Examination Rank holder's exclusive interview will be published in every monthly.
The First Interview question starts like this.

What is the secret of your success  in the Civil Service Examination?  Ans:-Hard work, support from the parents and bit of luck.  The CSR played a very important role in increasing the awareness about various career options in the periods of those days.  By reading the published interviews of the toppers it helped me a lot in choosing the right strategy for the PSC  Tests and Interviews.

I am quoting one more question and answer for the people :- Q: What is your advice to the future aspirants?
Ans: Civil Services is a test not only of one's knowledge and mental ability but also of one's patience.  So one should not be disheartened by temporary setbacks.  Also one should be careful in choosing the optional subjects.  They should be interesting as well as scoring.

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