Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Situated 40 km north of Trivandrum city, along the sea coast, Anchuthengu is a place of historic importance. 

It was here that the first settlement of the English East India Company was established in 1864 A.D. Historically, the limits of area where five coconut palms stood (Anchuthengu, corrupted as Anjengo) was given on lease to the Company by the King of Travancore for trade purposes. The remains of the old English Fort, which had withstood many a siege, can be seen here even today.

There is an ancient Christian church in Mampally in the name of
Holy Spirit and it was built in 15th century by St. Francis Xavier.

The airforce station is located here, as well. From here one can sail across the river to Veli by boat.

A local boat club providing vessels is a popular tourist attraction.

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