Monday, August 24, 2015

Brain Surgery for the V.P. Shunt in the Head of Meenu, K.

 Cervical and breast cancer is increasing at a higher rate now a days due to various reasons.My wife is a victim of Gall Bladder cancer and  she  undergone the treatment.I really appreciate your initiative on the RCC, Thiruvananthapuram dais as part of an awareness program to diagnose the disease at an early stage so that people could attend medical care outright to offset the disease.I think one of the reasons of such diseases is our indiscriminate food culture,which include fast food, junk food and consumption of poisonous vegetables that's only available in the market.May be there are hereditary reasons too. Any way I congratulate you.  

  My wife consumed the Cashew fruits which was sprayed Endosulphan using helicopters in Kasargod District, Mulleria by Plantation Corporation of Kerala State.  The harmful pesticide was continuously used in the Northern District of Kerala State for preventing the mosquitoes bite in the Plantations of the Cahew Land of Government.  It made my second child Meenu, K a girl with 8 or 9 different diseases.  She undergone a Brain Surgery for the V.P. Shunt in the Head to Peritoneal Cavity at the age of 11 months.  (ie before completing the 1st year of her own)  Now she is having Hydrocephalus, V.P. Shunt, Cerebral Palsy, Doubtful Vision, Seizure Disorder, Epileptic-us, etc.  Her Central Nervous system was affected much by this harmful pesticide.  Like people are there in Kasargod District.

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