Saturday, August 29, 2015

This kind of fruits ruined my life. Cashesw fruits of the Kasargod District sprayed the Harmful pesticide ENDOSULFAN is the genuine cause of the sickness of my child Meenu's (HYDROCEPHALUS) AND THE Gall Bladder Carcinoma for her Mother Kumarai Meena G,C,

This kind of fruits ruined my life. My better half used to eat this cashew planned farm fruits with Endowsulfan Pesticide which sprayed over by helicopters in Kasargod District of Mulleria Govt. High School. (Mulleria GHS is the first High School Service in my life - Only 25 kms from Kasargod town.) The second child harm effect of this Endosulfan - CONGENITAL HYDROCEPHALUS is the name of illness. Such kind of children are in huge numK. Meenu, became ill bedded due to the bers in the Ksargod District of this area of our old dwelling places in the Mulleria, GHS/ Please go through the different videos of Effects of Endosulfan and its related truthful picturisations. Those videos are saved years back in my account of Youtube.. Only in the last week I can paste it in the Facebook. September last week of 2012.

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