Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Super Bumper January 2000 Issue of CSR Rs.25/-

Dear Friend,

Competition Success Review wishes a very happy, prosperous and successful New Year of the New Millennium to its more than 69 lakh readers.  But success, as you are aware cannot be had on a platter.

The most essential as well as indispensable ingredient of SUCCESS is positive thinking.  The man who wins is the man who thinks he can.  Where there is a WILL there is a way.  It is your self confidence, faith, determination, perseverance and will to win which count and deliver success.  Nothing is impossible.  If your heart is set on it, you are bound to make it.  You can decide your destiny and fashion your fate if you are earnest, industrious, courageous and carry on till the end.  En route to success you are bound to face obstacles and setbacks.  You should not be disheartened or dismayed by them but overcome the same with redoubled vigour and greater effort.  Kites rise against the wind and not with it.

Success is the fulfillment of your desire.  It is getting what you need and achieving what you are after.  In a nutshell, success is the attainment of your cherished goal.  Therefore to start with, you must have a well defined and attainable goal or objective.  Motivate your mind.  Decide what you want.  See the priorities.  Organise your resources like manpower, materials, effort, know-how, time, etc. in a planned manner.and finally, start and keep  going with sure and steady steps till you  reach your cherished goal.

To strengthen our thoughts and gain knowledge, we must follow reading and then read regularly read professionally and read widely.  Reading enables us to gain more than others at their expense.  It saves us the wear and tear of trial and error, as also from our avoidable mistakes.  Others have traveled our way before us.  Their experience is gold for our way to profit by the wisdom of others is the mark of a thinking man.  Great Men and thinkers like Buddha, Nanak, Gandhiji, Nehru, Subhash and Sardar Patel have left their footprints.  The path created by them is a legacy bequeathed to us.  In our present times, too


What a glaring example of positive thinking!  And our Yukta Mookhey (Miss World 1999) could achieve the coveted title only due to dogged perseverance, indomitable will power and single minded dedication.  So, positive thinking, perseverance, dedication and will power are the golden keys to success.

In response to an overwhelming demand from our readers, we are appending herewith a 68 page FREE booklet titled "General English(Conventional Type) In A Nutshell" comprising topic on English Language, Language Comprehension, Communication Skill/Writing Ability/The Art Of Essay Writing, The Art Of Paragraph Writing.  The Art of Precise Writing.  The Art of  letter Writing and Short Essays for the benefit of candidates appearing for SSC Combined Main (Graduate Level), State Bank Probationary Officers, Bank Probationary Officers, SSC Combined Main (Matric Level), Bank Clerical, Railway Recruitment Board Exams, etc.

Bringing you success and more success.

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