Friday, October 28, 2011

Amazing Facts About Your Body.

Amazing Facts About Your Body:-

Information was got from the Medical College Manipal, Karnataka State. During the check of Sri. Ramdas Mash at Manipal Medical College I was also accompanied with the travel. We both were working as Teachers in Government Girls High School, Cherukunnu, Kannur Dist. (1992-1995)

a) If all 600 muscles in your body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 ton.

b)On its way from the heart, blood courses through the arterial network to bring oxygen to cells throughout the    body.

c) In the average adult, blood makes more than 1000 complete circuits every day.

d) Your body produces one billion red blood cells every day.

e)Some capillaries - the tiniest tributaries in the circulatory system are so small that blood cells must move    through one at a time, single file.

f) When we look at something, the image of the object is reflected on the eye's retina upside down (reversed) scientists still don't know how the brain "develops" the picture so that we see the object correctly.

g) Every pound of excess fat you carry require an extra 200 miles of capillaries to nourish it.

h) There are more than 10 billion neurons in the human brain.

i) Your brain contains a built-in-clock synchronized with the night-or-day cycle.

j)The Human brain cannot feel pain - yet it can tell you within micro seconds when you are hurt.

                                       Also Other information:-

                                       1) Up-to 5 million Hairs.

                                       2) 20 sq.ft. of skin


                                       4) 650 muscles.

                                       5) 206 Bones

                                       6) 100 joints.

                                       7) About 13,000 Million Nerve Cells.

                                       8) About 8 pints of Blood.

                                       9) 95% of water by Volume.

                                    10) 60% of its weight its water.

                                    11) Fat enough for 7 cakes of Soap.

                                    12) Enough lime to white wash a small house.

                                    13) Carbon Equivalent to 28 lbs (Bag of coke)

                                    14) Enough phosphorous to make 2,200 matches.

                                    15) Iron equivalent to one inch Nail.

                                    16) One spoon of Sulphur.

                                    17) An ounce of various other Metals.

                                    18) Small intestine 6.5 Mts.

                                    19) Large intestine 1.5 Mts

                                          Total 8.0 Mts.   

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