Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grow with Books.

Why does one read book?  To instruct oneself, amuse oneself, train one's mind -- certainly all this and much more.  Ultimately it is to understand life with its thousand facets and to learn how to live life.  Our individual experiences are so narrow and limited, if we were to rely on them alone we would also remain narrow and limited.  But books give us the experiences and thoughts of innumerable others, often the wisest of their generation, and lift us out of our narrow ruts.  Gradually as we go up the mountain sides fresh vistas come into view,  our vision extends further and further, and a sense of proportion comes to us.  We are not overwhelmed by our petty and often transient loves and hates and we see them for what they are -- petty and hardly noticeable ripples on the immense ocean of life.  For all of us it is worthwhile to develop this larger vision for it enables us to see life and to live it well.
                                                                                                               --Jawaharlal Nehru                

This piece of idea was written and framed on the wall of Director of Public Instruction, Trivandrum.  I copied it in a full paper and kept in my custody till this writing.  I think it was copied by me 15 or 16 years back while I visited the D.P.I Office.  I had the habit of writing and copying the thought provoking sentences immediately when I read them.  This habit formation is along with me from the very childhood itself.  Also writing the important events of my life.  The habit of writing diary is also a routine of daily work. The reading of old diary is also a important task of my life.  When we read and enjoy those things, the happiness we are getting will not be compared with other things.

The teachers involved in the important task of imparting education it is perhaps not necessary to speak of the need for inculcating the habit of reading among children.

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