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Service Makes For Success CSR of Feb 1995

Dear Friend,

"If a man write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse-trap than his neighbour, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door, " wrote Emerson. Thus, if you perform better than others in terms of value, cost utility and quality, you are bound to command success and to be in demand.  Today, opportunities are unlimited for you to cash on your better intelligence, imagination, industry and ability.  The chances of making your life a great success are far brighter today than ever before. The outlook and opportunities for you to make a name and fortune for yourself have never before been so promising as they are at this juncture in our country.

Success is the satisfactory achievement of your  chosen and coveted objective.  It is the attainment of the major object you earnestly desired and worked for with burning enthusiasm and intense interest.  It encompasses prosperity, good fortune, health, wealth, prestige, power, position, harmony and peace.  Lack of education, riches and connections need not deter you from doing the daring. The lives of the world's most successful men and women spectacularly spotlight that most of them began life with next to nothing but rose to eminence and proved successful by developing and utilizing their talents with sincerity, zeal, determination and dedication.  We can cite any number of examples -- Gandhiji, Shivaji, Mother Teresa, Lincoln, Ford and Rockefeller are but a few.

Success does not depend upon one quality or characteristic but often on a combination of many.  Talent is not restricted to your professional competence and expertise.  It includes ideas, adaptability, influencing ability, organizing capacity and other related dynamic and leadership qualities. There is money in ideas, sometimes very  big money in small, simple ideas.  The famous dictum, "Think and grow rich" underscores this aspect.

You should be honest and render good service for fair payment.  No matter what you do, you can make a success of it, if only you give people what they need and want in full value and at competitive cost.  Service makes for success and good service with a smile is a must for success and all other achievements.

Striving to serve you more and better.

                                                                                                          Yours sincerely,
                                                                                          (Surendra Kumar Sachdeva)      

From Editor with Greetings.

 The best use of reading faster is not to study new chapters for the first time, but to revise again and again quickly so that you can remember more in less time.    Good increase in your memory and concentration.  But, if you are sincere, ambitious, study average or more, and very seriously want to get success, then this reading from Competitive Success Review will help a lot.  Guarantee!  I want to make it clear that my reading the CSR per month improved by reading, writing, spelling, interview skills,etc. I can experience that I am capable of achieving much more success than I currently do at that time. Learn more exam secrets to get more marks for what I have studied.   Avoid big mistakes that can result in failure.  There is no words to say the boosting per month I got it from the Competitive Success Review's Reading.  The reading gave continuous source of  inspiration and encouragement throughout my preparation for jobs.  They provided me with moral strength to brave all odds and come out with flying colours.  I visualize my success as a dream come true.  It came as a reward for my hard work and belief in God.  Good wishes from my parents, relatives and friends certainly had an impact.  Mathematics is an obvious choice as it was my subject in graduation.  I opted for Education because of my acute interest in it after my B.Ed. and M.Ed. Course.  Thus I chose Research in Education for the professional approach.   In 1993 I submitted my Preliminary Ph.D. Thesis to the University of Calicut and passed the same on  21st October 1993.  

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