Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Appointment as P.D. Teacher in Malappuram District.

 One day I got an Advice from P.S.C. Malappuram District Office. Hall Ticket No. for Test conducted is M 1320. Serial Number of the PSC Interview 514 and date of  Interview 14/01/1987 at 10.30 AM. (With reference to the Diary of 1987)  The Interview with the Board Member for the post is a living matter with me.  I was interviewed by the PSC Member named Sri.Divakara Panicker from Kazhakootam, Trivandrum Dist on 14th January, 1987 at 10.30 AM in the District Office of PSC, Malappuram. The words and sentences of the Mr. Divakara Panicker is till roaming in my ears till to-day. No question asked regarding the proficiency to prove in the post of PD Teacher. He requested to me or said to me "Don't continue in this post".  Apply and compete for the post as HSA Maths.  It is very difficult to get a HSA post in Mathematics.  It is too competitive. So try your level best and compete from the date of applying.  All good wishes for you.  No question regarding the posting or anything else.  I think or strongly suspect, this is due to the Post Graduation Degree in Education, which is colorful aspect among the qualifications. I completed my post graduation  M.Ed. in the year 1985-86.  Very lately I came to know that he is having a Post Graduate Degree  in the Law. (LLM).  I got the M.Ed. Degree Certificate by Registered Post from the University of Kerala, Trivandrum while I was working as a P.D. Teacher in CHEEKODE, UP School.  Also I got the First HSA Maths Appointment Order through the Post while I was working in the same school.

The result of the interview and all other formalities done by PSC.  LPS/UPS Assistant PD teacher, Malappuram District Rank No. 1176 Serial No. 514 File No. SS III - 48/87/D Malappuram Dt. w.e.f. 20/05/1987. The Total Number of Rank Holders in the list were 2307.  The rank list was verified me at the Press Club, Rear of Secretariat, Trivandrum 695001. Advice Memo from the PSC Office for the post of PD Teacher in Malappuram District was received by me on 22th August, 1987.  Rank No. 96 Advice Memo dated 13/08/1987.

In the next week received the Appointment Order for the post of PD Teacher in G.U.P.S. Cheekode, Areacode Edl.Sub District of Malappuram Educational District on 28th August, 1987 Saturday,  from the Deputy Director of Education, Malappuram Dist.  Decided to join on Monday 31/08/1987 and Reserved the Train Ticket on 28th itself.  By 47 Express Train Reserved Ticket No.04334 towards TIRUR of Malappuram Dist.started journey on 30th August 1987 Sunday.  From Tirur started by bus to Malappuram.  From Malappuram to Manjeri then to Areacode.  Stayed in the T.B. Areacode for Rs. 8/- being the rent.  By a heavy walk I reached school.  But the Headmaster said to me to report before the Assistant Education Officer, Areacode for the joining.  Thus gone to the A.E.O. Office, Areacode and JOINED DUTY as PD Teacher in the FN of 31st August, 1987 Monday and got the papers to the Headmaster(Haridas M.A. B.Ed.) of GUPS Cheekode,(via) Vazhacaud, Malappuram District.  Thus First appointment in the Govt. UPS Cheekode by releaving a temporary teacher from the school. 

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