Friday, October 14, 2011

Improve your Personality (Turn Handicaps Into Assets)

 Turn Handicaps Into Assets.

Most common people have to live with defects of one kind or the other.  If your defect is basic, incurable or unalterable, accept the fact, take it as a challenge and make up your mind to make a mark in spite of the weakness.  Once you are on the job, once you are on the move, you will forget about the defect. Your mind will be occupied about the tasks you have to perform and the problems you have to solve.  Do not worry, fret or complain.  Get up and keep going.  You will find joy and confidence.  In our own country people with incurable diseases have become great business tycoons and benevolent philanthropists.  The great Alagappa was afflicted with leprosy and yet he rose to be one of great industrialists of India.  He has left behind innumerable educational institutions in the fields of engineering science, arts and other research studies.  He was not cowed down by his handicap.  He accepted the challenge and gained success in spite of that.

You might have come across many people like that yourself.  Therefore, if the handicap is basic, let it remain and you go ahead in spite of that, face the challenge and come up on top.  Let it not gain the upper hand.  Think of those who have become great in spite of those stupendous handicaps.  With the same handicap, one can either shine as Alagappa did or stand in the street corner begging for livelihood.  Similarly the lack of height may mean nothing to the one who decides to learn from the great Napoleon.  If one, on the other hand, allows this factor to get the better of him, he would end up as a nervous wreck.

Fortunately, in many cases, the drawback is not so basic.  In such instances, one could easily convert the very handicaps into profitable assets.  People who have funny faces have become successful comedians on the stage or screen.  Too tall or lean people have excelled in the sports arena.  It  is for you to see, how, what you now think is a handicap, could be converted into a big asset.  In other words, you must look at it from a positive angle.  Do not worry or fret over it.  Instead, try and see what advantage you can derive from it.

There are also certain defects which could be cured or rectified with some effort on the part of the individual or with expert medical help.  The great Greek orator, Demosthenes, was to begin with, a worst stammerer.  He could not utter two words together without a great struggle.  But with determined and dedicated effort, he overcame the handicap and became a legendary orator.  Similarly, many women with the help of modern plastic surgery got rid of certain facial disadvantages and turned themselves into alluring beauties.  Thus, if you are determined, you can get over certain kinds of disadvantages either by individual effort or with expert help.

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