Friday, October 14, 2011

Gold Demand Rebounds In The First Half Of 2010

According to the "Gold Demand Trends" unveiled by the World Gold Council on August 25, 2010, the first half of  2010 saw a rekindling of  Indian appetite for gold as demand rose by 94 percent to 365 tonnes as compared to 188.4 tonnes in the first half of 2009.  It clearly indicates that there has been a rebound in the demand for the precious metal.  In value terms, India's gold demand grew from Rs.27,300 crore to Rs.60.500 crore, an increase of 122 percent. 

Total gold jewellery demand also remained robust with volume growing by 67 percent to 272.5 tonnes from 163 tonnes.  In value terms, it grew by 94 percent  to Rs.45,700 crore from Rs.23,600 crore.

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