Saturday, October 1, 2011

B.Ed. and M.Ed.Courses 1983-84 and 1984-85

The vast experiences of Teacher Training Course with the money I earned by myself during the tuition conducted at Trivandrum.  These periods started after a long break in my educational ladder. The following passages narrated here will give the full details.  The first B.Ed. Course is from the Esteemed Madurai Kamaraj University. I passed the B.Ed. with First Class in the theory paper and First Class in the Practicals also. Much inspiration for that time, because after a long break in the academic stream I studies as an aged man.  Those high percentage of Marks in B.Ed. compelled me to apply for the M.Ed. Course.  In the rank list of admission I got the 4th place among other 40 students.  In the M.Ed. class we only having the strength--below 10 boys, the other 30 are from the opposite sex.  The Class experiences with our Doctorate Degree Lecturers are very painful.  While we are learning the Head of the Department is Miss.Dr.  Pushpita John.  She retired while we are studying in the M.Ed. Course.  The next lady  Mrs. Dr. Vasantha Ramkumar, from Kowdiar wife of a Mathematics Professor of  University College, Trivandrum.  The lady having black and old Ambassador Car driven by herself is a novel thing in my life.

The Examination and viva-voce are dragging at that time.  The University post ponds several times the examination of M.Ed.  The Viva-voce of M.Ed. is informed by a telegram from the University of Kerala on 02/02/1987.  The Viva-voce was over by 4th February 1987 after noon. The result of M.Ed. Degree was published on 14th Feb.1987.  I got First Class in M.Ed. of April 1986. Got the Provisional Certificate on 23rd Feb 1987.  Mark Sheets of  M.Ed. Degree received on 24/02/1987 along with the Transfer Certificate, Conduct Certificate and B.Ed. Mark Sheets from the Department of Education, Thycaud, Trivandrum 695014

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