Friday, October 28, 2011

On 7/01/2000 Sunday Meeting of Network Twentyone. (Wrote) 10.30 AM

   1. Computer.

   2. Car

                                                                     1. Swimming.

                                                         2. Watching Educational Movies.

                                                                3. Educate the children.

        I. California(USA)    Meet Jim and Nancy Doarnan. - Crown Ambassadors of Amway Corporation.

       II  U.S.A. Future Life.

                                            I. Helping Phys-Handicapped children.

                                                             I Great Speaker.
                                                            II. Leader.

                                                           III Better Father.

This is the perfect day.  Having Lunch with            and other things.

(The speaker asked all the people in the meeting/Network Twentyone Meeting  to write those things in a piece of paper)   07/01/2000 Sunday 10.30 AM)

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